Cargo Mirror
AIRBUS AS350 - H125
Mirrors for Cargo External View

Boggi Aeronautics’ AS350 H125 cargo mirror kit is designed and tested to ensure maximum visibility to pilots and light installation. The structure is optimized for the flight loads and vibrations to offer stable visibility.

The AS350 H125 cargo mirror kit comes in two variations to better adapt to each operator’s activity; Dual Cargo Mirror and Dual Heated Adjustable Cargo Mirror

In the “Dual Heated and Adjustable Cargo Mirror” variant, the primary mirror can be adjusted and moved on the horizontal and vertical axis. It is the right solution for high altitude mountain ops since it is warmed to prevent ice formation.

The secondary mirror offers visibility at the external hook level.

The whole kit is built without welding to offer adjustability and flexibility, and to allow packing in minimal space. Furthermore, it is studied to be cost effective for every operator.

Boggi Aeronautics’ AS350 H125 cargo mirror kit has been developed together with (and for) the pilots.


Key Features

Electrical Regulation

Electrical regulation is provided by a stepper motor

Heated Surface

Mirror has heating for de-fogging and de-icing (for high altitude mountain ops)

Parts Protection

Mechanical parts protected by external environment

Video Camera Provision

Inbuilt provision for installation of video camera

Steerable Mirror

Main mirror is steerable in two axes via controls on cyclic for optimal pilot viewing

Dual Mirror Configuration

Dual mirror configuration for simultaneous viewing of load and hook

Field Of Vision

Main mirror has very large FOV tested and optimized with pilot input

Lightweight Structure

Lightweight truss structure (7,59 kg) with high-quality steel and only 3 attachment points (versus usual 4 or more)


Mirrors are very stable in flight and show no vibration


Competitive unit list price

Product Upgrade Path

Planned upgrade path to add an external camera (to display on iPad in the cockpit


Easy installation and no welding required (it can be disassembled and carried in helicopter baggage compartment)

Approvals - Supplemental Type Certificates

EASA Europe – Reference Number: 10068606 DOWNLOAD HERE

TCCA Canada – Reference Number: SH19-38 DOWNLOAD HERE

FAA and CAAC available soon

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