Cabin Crew Divider

When customizing air medical and Emergency Missions Service helicopters, Boggi Aeronautics knows that the main focus is related to the safety of patients and aircrew.

Cabin Crew Divider

The cabin crew divider is a partitioning device that separates the cockpit area from the cabin. One of the challenges that helicopter transportation has to face during and after the COVID-19 disease is the proximity of the pilots to the helicopter occupants; the use of protective devices is therefore necessary and imposed.

The cabin crew divider creates a non-permeable barrier between cockpit and cabin compartment which protects occupants against the transmission of airborne droplets that may contain viruses.


Available For

CS-27 Small Rotorcraft (such as AW109 and H135)
CS-29 Large Rotorcraft (such as B412 and AW139)


The cabin crew divider is available in two variants: Soft Barrier and Rigid Barrier

The design of the barrier may differ for different helicopters in relation to the cabin frame dimensions

Soft Barrier

Rigid Barrier

Key Features

Installation in minutes

Installation in minutes using high-resistant peel and stick Velcro

High strength PVC

Transparent areas made in high-strength PVC non-flammable material approved for aeronautical use. Thickness is 2 mm

No interference

No interference with the pilot and co-pilot seats. Decals are not covedered


Rigid barrier made in high-strength composite non-flammable materia approved for aeronautical use. Thickness is 12,7 mm

Resistance to impacts and shocks

Rigid barrier assures great wall resistance to impacts and shocks

Access to Fire extinguishers

Access of pilot/co-pilot and crew to the fire extinguishers is ensured

Maximum resistance

Transparent PVC areas in the rigid barrier are profiled in aluminum for maximum resistance

General information

Boggi Aeronautics’ aim is to provide aviation equipment for patient transport that meets all requirements for full environmental protection from cross-contamination. The equipment is intended for the use in aviation high-risk scenarios and in every-day operations.

The cabin crew divider system is born from Boggi Aeronautics’ experience in the design and production of aero medical systems and solutions and it is a joint project with Delta Interior Design and Euroavia.

The cabin crew divider joins Boggi Aeronautics’ medical COVID-19 solutions together with AvioCoocon (the first single-patient isolation system specifically designed to be loaded on helicopters and aeroplanes for the transportation of infectious COVID-19 patients) the infant incubator Kit and the medical isolation Kit.

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