Eyercraft 2100 mini UAV flying

Eyercraft 2100 mini UAV

Featuring an innovative simple aerodynamic structure,
the Eyercraft has a superior weight to payload ratio that enables superior UAV performances.

Eyercraft 2100 mini UAV details

Technical data

Max Speed
40 knots
Max flight time
1h 20’
Max Payload
g. 500
Operative TOW
kg 2,8
Eyercraft 2100 mini UAV render

Eyercraft mini UAV family

The unique aerodynamic shape, based on the simplest principles of flight mechanics, minimize fuel or batteries consumption and increases flight durations which translates into a technological solution enabling large platform performances in a small size air frame

Eyercraft is implemented with automatic Take-off and Landing for both runway and harsh terrain, using skids for platform survivability on unprepared area or wheels for runway landing.

Family Eyercraft will be composed
by 2100 mm (electrical),4000 mm
and 6000 mm wing span aircrafts.
The smallest version, Eyercraft 2100,
started the flight tests
and civil certification process
under EASA Regulations for UAV’s.

Battery 5000mah
Engine Tmotor mt2814-11 kv710
Propeller 11×8’’ foldable
Estimated Autonomy with Nextvision sensor
1h 10’
Target design Equipment
NextVision Orion
(see technical datasheet below)
TxRx Repeaters for the extension
of radio voice/data signals

Orion EO/IR/Laser stabilized camera

Design Target Payload suggested in this phase is the following camera

Orion EO/IR/Laser stabilized camera

The Orion is EO/IR/Laser stabilized camera with a mere weight of 250 grams [8.8 oz]. Offering a full 360 degree range of rotation, the Orion stabilized camera provides the highest quality imagery.

Visible Zoom : x24 + x2 digital (total x48)
HFOV : 31° WFOV – 1.3° NFOV – 0.65° DFOV/h4>
Thermal Resolution : 640×480
Laser : 650nm / 850nm / 980nm
Pitch FOR: -40° to +90°
Roll FOR: 360° continuous
Weight : 250 grams [8.8 oz.]
Dimensions : Diameter=84mm [3.3”] x Height=90mm [3.5”]

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