Airbus AS350 (H125) Cargo Mirror; new EASA STC received

Boggi Aeronautics is proud to announce the EASA STC approval for the new configuration of the Airbus AS350 Cargo Mirror (H125 Cargo Mirror). The new STC embodies the previous one and adds the following additional configurations:

  • Left Hand Mirror, electrically movable and heated, allowed to be used alone or in combination with the Right Hand one
  • New types of electrical systems to adapt at the late versions of the AS350
  • Cargo mirror without electrical system

The certification has been necessary to meet the update requests from different customers, making it possible to use the cargo mirror from the co-pilot’s position. The update of the electrical system for handling and heating is also of considerable importance, allowing the system to be adapted to each helicopter configuration.

The new configurations ensure full compatibility with the cargo mirrors delivered until now and certified with the previous STC.

The kits offer some unique advantages and are getting good market acceptance across the globe, with more than 20 operators already and tested from Mont Blanc in the Alps to Peru in the Andes down to New Zealand, Japan, China, Germany, Poland, France, Scotland and Brazil.

For further information please contact our commercial department at the e-mail or leave us a message.

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