Boggi Aeronautics on "Il Sole 24 ore"

We are proud to share the article that has been published today on the most important Italian financial newspaper “Il sole 24 ore”.  Three central pages about some of the most important Aerospace Companies in Italy.

Here a courtesy translation, Enjoy the reading !

Boggi Aeronautics s.r.l. is an independent company active in the aeronautical sector since 2007 composed of professionals with solid experience in the helicopter field and general aviation, with offices in the province of Lodi and Reggio Emilia.

The activity of aeronautical design and homologation, focuses on the supply of engineering solutions starting from specific operational needs of the customers, up to the approval of the project by the European Aviation Safety Agency, and the production of certified kits.

Boggi Aeronautics works with several partners and is active as an equipment integration center for special missions. Medical equipment installations for heli / aero-ambulance, detection systems, cameras, aerial work systems such as helibasket and improvement of visibility for pilots, repairs / modifications even on pressurized fuselages, are just some of the projects that make Boggi Aeronautics a company capable to cover every operational need of its customers.

The company boasts clients such as producers and operators of airplanes and helicopters, police and fire brigades all over the world. The design and aeronautical production work has recently been appreciated by important European companies as well as by players in Asian markets that are developing rapidly.

The company is constantly growing and is implementing partnerships with universities, industry and financial operators, to better support the activities and apply a policy of constant improvement.