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Dual Cargo Mirror RH (AS350/AS355 H125)

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AS350/AS355 (H125)

Boggi Aeronautics’ Dual Cargo Mirror gives the pilot a clear view of the load and line for accurate pickup and release.

The Dual Cargo Mirror for the AS350/AS355 (H125) consists of a lightweight, stainless steel frame that attaches to existing fastener locations on the aircraft nose to simplify installation. The dual mirror installation provides the pilot with simultaneous viewing of both the cargo hook and the load. Sturdier design reduces vibration. It can be installed with the related Boggi Aeronautics’ LH Dual Cargo Mirror.

The primary mirror can be adjusted and moved by the pilot on the horizontal and vertical axis. It is the right solution for aerial works or high altitude mountain ops or cold area ops since it is also heated to prevent ice and fog formation

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