Specilized Aviation Training

EASA Part21 course, POA advanced

Understanding Part 21 is the key for the effective management of the initial airworthiness topics. Part 21 provides a standard for all the EU industries but is well recognized by all foreign industries and Authorities.

The scope of the course is the understanding in deep how Part 21 POA works, the processes and the Form 4 persons roles.

Training Level


Training Contents

EASA general regulatory framework
POA Part 21G with AMC and GM analysis
Differences between Part 21G POA and Part 21 F production agreement
Examples and case studies

Training Objectives

The EASA regulation context
How the POA typical processes work
The role of the key persons
The role of the Chief Executive

Other training relevant data

Pre comprehension of the basic Part 21 concepts

POA managers
POA staff

Accountable Manager
POA Form 4
Program Managers

Course Textbook
EASA EASY access rules for initial airworthiness

The course is organized for a duration of two days

Remote or live; The course can be delivered remotely via a digital platform or face-to-face, at the customer’s best choice

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