AvioCocoon product page is now online

AvioCocoon: the first aviation single-patient isolation system designed to be loaded on helicopters and airplanes for the transportation of infectious patients.

The AvioCocoon bio-containment system is born from Boggi Aeronautics’ feedbacks received during the COVID-19 epidemic from medical aeronautical worldwide operators. The bio-containment systems currently available for helicopters or aircraft are devices designed for on-grounad operations that are then adapted to aeronautics. This leads to several incompatibility issues and problems of installation on fixed and rotary wing vehicles, because a unique new certification process has to be carried out for each installation.
Moreover, some products already developed show problems of installation inhelicopters. Filters installed in adapted products manages a quantity of air change adequate at low altitudes but not sufficientfor a patient in critical condition flying at 3000 m or in humid/hot weather. Other issues arise when only a single respirator is installed in bio-containment systems; in case of failure the patient could not continue to receive air.
The transportation of infectious diseases patients is critical on helicopters and aeroplanes because it imposes protective devices on the medical staff that make operations on the patient challenging.

It joins Boggi Aeronautics’ medical COVID-19 solutions together with the partitioning devices to separate the cockpit area from the cabin (crew divider) and the medical isolation kit.