Boggi Aeronautics guest of "Business24 la tv del lavoro"

Our CEO, Stefano Boggi describes the main focus of Boggi Aeronautics s.r.l. during TopSecret transmission at Business24 La TV del Lavoro; “We work on integrations and configurations. We have great expertise in the medical sector as well in the camera integration systems for law enforcement. […] Avionics, integrated electronic systems, sensors, structural repairs and consultancy on EASA regulations are among our competences”.

Stefano Boggi added, “Our consultancy work is tailored for those Companies that need to homologate their products in the aerospace sector.” And then: “Our technical proposal is detailed in every aspect; this is really much appreciated by our customers that see in Boggi Aeronautics a trustable partner.”

“My motto? Fly with your mind, but keep your feet to the ground.”