COVID-19 aviation single-patient isolation system

Due to the current concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Boggi Aeronautics is developing medical aviation equipment to support operators all around the globe.

We will soon introduce AvioCocoon; our single-patient isolation system specifically designed to be loaded on helicopters and aeroplanes for the transportation of infectious COVID-19 patients. The AvioCocoon system is designed thanks to the useful suggestions provided by Prof. Alessandro Ceruti (University of Bologna, DIN Department) taking into consideration aeronautical operation requirements and the necessities of the medical staff that is fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.

AvioCocoon will safely transport patients with high-risk contagious diseases in an aeronautical environment. The aim is to avoid cross-contamination from the patient to the helicopter/aeroplane environment to guarantee complicated medical operation flights.

AvioCocoon system is born from Boggi Aeronautics’ experience in the design and production of the Infant Incubator Kit. It joins our medical COVID-19 solutions together with the partitioning devices used to separate the cockpit area from the cabin (crew divider) and the medical isolation kit.

AvioCocoon will be available soon to all aviation medical operators / emergency air ambulances.

avio-cocoon Boggi Aeronautics covid-19 aviation isolation system