Boggi Aeronautics performed TrakkaCam TC-300 integration tests on Elifriulia's EC135

The tests have been successfully performed in Italy at Elifriulia’s facilities.

Stefano Boggi, CEO at Boggi Aeronautics, said: “It is with great satisfaction that we have successfully
performed TrakkaCam TC-300 integration tests on the EC135. We are proud to support helicopter
operators in the effort to deliver critical mission accomplishment.”

This project reinforces the collaboration between the companies. Boggi Aeronautics developed Trakka
cameras integration for worldwide operators. The company also holds an STC that allows the installation of
Trakka camera SWE-400 on AW139 helicopters ensuring maximum safety and stability during aerial camera


Founded in 1999, Boggi Aeronautics is a certified EASA Part 21 DOA and POA (Design and Production Approvals) Italian aeronautical
company with specialization in high-end aeronautical equipment and solutions for different kind of operations. The team employs
experienced aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers and technicians that apply creative conceptual approaches to tackle
complicated integration challenges. Boggi Aeronautics is active mainly as an equipment integration development center for special
missions with STC approval capability. The company boasts many projects related to aerial work, law enforcement, training and
medical equipment development and installation that have been appreciated by fleets all over the world.
Boggi Aeronautics offers customers tailored, mission-essential capabilities as well as off-the-shelf products designed for a variety of
airborne operations and platform.

Trakka Systems is the only original equipment manufacturer to design a comprehensive vision-enhancement solution for all air,
land, and marine missions. The solutions approach offers a customizable range of user-friendly-equipment, such as high-intensity
tactical searchlights, integrated mapping management software, and gyro-stabilized day/night cameras with terminal imaging, UV
detection, and infrared capabilities.
Trakka’s TC-300 is a versatile, compact multi-sensor surveillance system that can be installed on various manned and unmanned
platforms. Its advanced features and sophisticated image processors embedded within the single-LRU 4-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal
exploit images from different sensors to extract features that would otherwise go undetected by a single sensor. With picture-inpicture,
split-screen, contrast enhancement and moving target detection, the TrakkaCam TC-300 improves mission success and
reduces operator workload in challenging conditions.

Founded in 1971, Elifriulia is one of the longest-running helicopter operator in Italy. Since then, it has been able to grow in terms of
professionalism, services, and presence on the market by building a qualified and esteemed company
Elifriulia, as a Robinson Helicopter concessionaire, deals with the sale of rotary-wing aircraft, but over time has been able to
specialize in helicopter services such as Public Passenger Transport, Helicopter rescue, Air Work and Flight school