AW139 camera external support mount page is online!

We are happy to announce that our AW139 camera external support mount finally has its product page on our website!


Boggi Aeronautics works with several partners and is active as an equipment integration center for special missions. Medical equipment installations for heli/aero-ambulance, detection systems, cameras, aerial work systems such as helibasket and improvement of visibility for pilots, repairs/modifications even on pressurized fuselages, are just some of the projects that make Boggi Aeronautics a Company capable to cover every operational need of its customers.

As a step of our marketing renovation activities, we will prepare specific product pages for all of our customizations and solutions so that you can better evaluate their applicability to your fleet.


Boggi Aeronautics’ AW139 camera external support mount is a mechanical installation that provides a mounting point for high-performance cameras. It is designed and tested to ensure maximum safety and stability during aerial camera operations. The camera external support mount is available in two different configurations:

– Configuration 1: designed for payload up to 42.5 kg

– Configuration 2: designed for payload up to 60 kg

The AW139 camera external support mount is based on the SX-16 searchlight original mounting hardpoints and mount, with the addition of a rod for the Configuration 1, and a rod and two supplemental mini-rods for Configuration 2. The kit can be mounted either on the right or left side of the helicopter fuselage, provided that the attachment points are present. After the first installation the AW139 camera external support mount can be quickly removed/installed through a release lever.

More information can be found on the product page!

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