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Equipment integration development center for special missions with STC approval capability

STC Minor Changes
EASA tailored consultancy
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STC Minor Changes


Specialized Training


EASA tailored Consultancy

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“STCs, Minor Changes, tailored modification, Aviation consultancy and training”

Modification Store

STCs and Minor Changes

Modification store showcases Boggi Aeronautics aircraft modifications developed for many missions requirements and OEMs. We are constantly updating the Modification store with our latest aircraft modifications; therefore keep it up!

Specialized Training

High specialized and tailored aviation training

Boggi Aeronautics provides an extensive portfolio of aviation training courses for Aviation Companies and the aviation industry across the globe. Our courses are designed for aviation professionals and cover all aspects of aviation safety and security regulation.

Aviation Consultancy

Are you looking for DOA and POA EASA Part21 Consultancy activities? Let's get in touch

We help organizations in defining EASA Part 21 procedures to het related approvals by Aviation Authority.

Boggi Aeronautics has been the company of choice of may international aviation seeking consultancy servicies realated to EASA rules.

Latest News

Boggi Aeronautics Incubator Support HEMS covid19

Infant Incubator Support for HEMS

Infant incubator kit for HEMS Amidst the covid19 pandemic, Boggi Aeronautics s.r.l. Infant Incubator Support for helicopters Emergency Medical Service missions is receiving great feedback

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Boggi Aeronautics

Certification on a Worldwide scale

Boggi Aeronautics collaborates with aerospace authorities around the world, such as EASA, FAA, TCCA and CAAC.

With the capability to issue specific STCs according to customers’ requirement, Boggi Aeronautics can support your fleet operations needs.

Boggi Aeronautics


EASA Approvals

Boggi Aeronautics equipment and systems are manufactured according to the EASA Part-21G (POA) – Production Organisation Approval Certificate and the EASA Part-21 DOA Design Organisation Approval


Always at your side

Boggi Aeronautics is dedicated to helping all of its customers get the most out of their equipment and works around the clock throughout the world to support them to carry smooth and safe operations